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Best Gaming Gear Review Websites

Gaming has had a massive adrenaline shot in the past decade. Games have come on so much that their origins are pretty much unrecognizable. The advances in graphics and gameplay have taken gaming to the next level. The plotlines are now so much more adventurous that playing is so much more immersive, we even have A list celebrities doing voiceovers for lead characters! This means more enjoyment and much more fun while you’re playing and it’s no surprise that everyone is getting involved.

It’s not just the games that have changed either. The platforms that we play on and how we play have developed hugely. Gameplay is still divided between consoles and PCs but almost everyone agrees that PCs have the edge when it comes down to it. PC technology has allowed for better graphics, smoother gameplay and much more effortless playing. There’s never been a better time to get into gaming and see what’s going on.

Around all of these advances we’ve seen the creation of a gaming culture unlike anything we’ve seen before. The developed of Mass Multiplayer Online Gaming meant that everyone was drawn closer together in game and this has quickly grown and developed. People who take gaming seriously suddenly found thousands of like minded people to share ideas and experiences with, quickly creating a community.


This has come at the same time as streaming has picked up. Sites like Youtube and Twitch let gamers stream their gameplay simply and get the viewer involved with the gaming. Gaming is now not just about playing, but watching others play to learn and get involved with the community. We’ve seen our first professional gamers who play daily and attract people who come and watch. This, along with the forums and other discussion boards has meant that gaming is much more than sitting behind a screen.

So we can all agree that gaming is in. There has never been a better time to get involved, or if you’re looking to take it to the next level then reviews are always a good place to start.

Gaming Gear

Gaming has evolved and so has how we play. It’s not just about the games anymore but the whole set up and we see people spending thousands to get the perfect gamestation. There’s certainly a lot to consider and it starts with the technology. Getting the best performing PC along with mouse and keyboard is crucial but it goes deeper, you’ve got the sound system and headphones.

You also have to consider your comfort. A dedicated gaming chair with a specialized table

makes longer gaming much less strain on your body. This limits any injuries and maximizes enjoyment.

There’s certainly a lot to consider when it comes to gaming and what’s for sure is that you need to get information before making any decisions.

Gaming Reviews

Reviews are where we get almost all of our information and that goes for anything, not just gaming! Reviews provide us with first hand insight into everything whether it’s from a generic user or a big name It’s invaluable to making sure we get the right equipment.

Gaming is not cheap if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Everything from your set up to the actual games themselves can be really costly and you want to make sure that you’re getting the most value for money. Luckily there is a lot of information out there to help guide you and make sure you aren’t making a costly mistake.

There have always been game reviews. Whether it’s from individuals on forums or from the critics published online and in magazines you’ve always been able to find out what the reviews are saying about the game quality. However what’s become less clear is what information can you trust?

These days you also have to consider your whole set up and the gaming gear you use. All of this equipment can be surprisingly expensive and you need information you can trust. Again there is a lot of information out there but it can be scattered and often contradictory, so where do you go for the most up to date information?

We’ve found that there are specific sites which deal with all things gaming and they have everything we need to know. These sites act like hubs of information with sections on everything gaming. Whenever we have a question we go to these gaming gear review sites as our first port of call because we know that it’s information we can trust.

Best Gaming Gear Review Sites

We know the value of finding a gaming gear review site that we can trust but which are the best? There’s a couple of key things we look for:

Firstly we need the most up to date information. The technology industry moves much more quickly than you might realize and having old information is pretty much useless. We don’t want gaming information or information on any gaming gear that is more than a few weeks old.

Secondly we want an in depth view. We want people who really understand the industry and understand what we, as gamers, really need! This insight is crucial in the products they recommend and what they slate.

Finally, while we want the information to be in depth, we want it to be simple. Knowing the technical specs of a motherboard is useful but to be honest what I need is somebody to break this down and cut through the jargon.


So once we knew what we were after it took us to BREECH. They’re a well known site and have sections on games, gaming gear, user guides and reviews. What’s even better about it is that it’s all current and kept as up to date as possible. It’s set as our home page so whenever we log on we know what’s happening.

What we like most out BREECH is the modern nature of their site. They’ve only been operating since 2017 and they’re whole set up is slick. There’s a lot information on there but it’s organised and laid out in a way that’s intuitive to the user so you can always find what you need.

If you’re at a loss and need some information fast then a gaming gear review site is always useful. It’s definitely worth finding yours today.

Making Your Tech Dollar Go Further

It’s 2017 and technology has taken over well and truly. Our lives exist because of the huge advancements technology that are now present in every part of our home. It’s not just about internet and cars, it’s the more basic elements you might not even think about on a daily basis.

The main reason for the technology explosion is of course the simplicity. These gadgets and pieces of machinery are designed to make standard processes simpler and therefore keep daily life as easy as possible. Innovation is the most important feature of today’s tech.

Alongside innovation is efficiency. Designs aren’t just being put into action and repeated year on year. We’re seeing the progress in action as everything is streamlined and improved to be more effective and give more value to your life.

The truth is that in the modern era we rely on our technology for our daily routine. It makes work and family life much easier and these essential pieces of technology are a part of modern life.


Getting the Technology for your Home

So when we talk about technology what exactly do we mean? It’s a very broad category of course and always expanding but as a general rule we’re talking about electricals. Everything from electric ovens to PCs and laptops come under this bracket and they all have their own uses.

The one thing which does unite them however is the price. Technology often comes with a hefty price tag which can often be offputting even if the product is invaluable to you. Good PCs or speakers can cost thousands and this is beyond most of our budgets.

The reason for the big cost is because products have become so advanced. You’ll find everything is built to be amazing at what it does, but also have several other features to add more value to your home.

So these products are cutting edge and we need to get our hands on them. There’s no real way to easily double your budget if it isn’t going to stretch so you need to look for other solutions. Most manufacturers do have sales of course, but these are fleeting and are often not when you’re shopping. Instead you’ll want to explore the online vouchers available.

Technology Vouchers

Online discount vouchers are a great way to save a bundle, especially on technology, because they offer impressive % discounts. Discount vouchers work pretty simply and normally you just have to enter a code when checking out from a retailer.

Voucher codes can be tricky to find and a lot of old or expired codes exist online. For all the latest discount codes and exclusive discounts for loads of technology that you’ll want to get your hands on, it’s time to make your tech dollar go further. Check out

What Do You Do for Minecraft Hosting?

Website hosting is the service where technology is used to get your site online. This effectively means allowing users, customers or anyone to type in your web address and actually access the information/shop or whatever you have to offer. Without a hosting service your website is pretty much a waste of time because nobody can find it.

Website hosting is done through servers. Web servers are computer that ‘serve up’ web pages to the user. This is done through specialized technology on the system and a connection to the internet, ensuring your website can be found.

The hosting and server industry is massive and it’s no real surprise. The internet grows massively every year and it’s the heart of businesses all over the world. Every single major business has made the transformation online and they rely on servers to make this happen. This means it’s never been more popular to be a hosting company.

The truth is that we need them. Without them we aren’t online and all the time and effort that’s gone into creating the perfect webpage is all for nothing because nobody will see it. It’s essential for us that it’s up and stays up for as long as we need it.

It’s not always easy to understand exactly what hosting companies do, but all you need to know is that they offer you a service that let’s your web page go live to the whole world. Let’s take a look at the different types of hosting.

Different Types of Hosting

There are three main types of hosting offered by companies and the one you choose will depend on your exact specifications and needs. In order to get the best from your hosting you’ll need to choose from:

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting your website it situated on a server along with hundreds of others. All of these websites share the server and it’s resources which can impact the performance of the website.

As all the sites use the same server if one website starts to take more of the resources it can negatively impact the others. The more websites sharing the server the more the impact could be and this could leave you frustrated.

The main appeal of shared hosting is the low cost because you’re splitting the expense between all the users, the downside is the risk of a dip in service.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

This is the next step up from shared hosting but has some similarities. There are still lots of websites using the same server to be accessible but every website has specific allocations of disk space and resources within the server.

This means that you aren’t anywhere near as likely to be affected by the other sites being hosted and can place more faith in the server.

Virtual private server, or VPS, gives you much more control of your requirements and allows for greater levels of reliability. You shouldn’t see much of a dip is quality or speed but it is more expensive than shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

At the top level is dedicated hosting. This is where an entire server is rented from a hosting company or from a specific business or individual. This gives you a range of benefits as it lets you keep full control of the resources and use them all for your website and improve the performance.

Dedicated servers are crucial for those handling important data because there is a lot more security and you can keep a tight hold on it. Dedicated hosting is mostly used for those website with high rates of traffic or those that hold sensitive information and with the higher performance is a much bigger price tag.

The Best Hosting Companies

There are a lot of different options when it comes to hosting companies so you’ll want to take a step back and evaluate the needs for your website. Once you’ve figured it out you can have a look round and see what’s on offer, however we’ve saved you a lot of time and energy by finding all the best servers out there.

Who are the top hosting companies in 2017





Fastest Gaming RAM Online

Fastest Gaming RAM Online

RAM is one terms that is thrown about a lot but not everyone really understands. It stands for Random Access Memory and that is the space where your system stores particular information. Contained in the RAM is frequently used program information which is accessed by your unit to help your whole system run more effectively.

A lot of gamers will know a lot about RAM and the impact it can have on how they’re able to play. Anyone who’s built their own computer and searched for the best RAM they can find to put in their PC. Good quality RAM makes a big difference and if you’re into your gaming then you should definitely read on.

Why does RAM Matter?

RAM is what dictates how fast your games will be able to run. A large RAM provides the space your computer needs to carry out processes as fast as possible. Games are now more detailed and impressive than ever but this can take a lot out of your unit. The more advanced the game the more important RAM becomes for consistency.

PC technology makes huge leaps every year and that’s because of the technical components within. RAM has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade and keeps improving. If you don’t stay on top of your machines capabilities then you’ll quickly find you’ve fallen behind.

The more RAM you have the more you’ll get from your gaming experience. If you’re serious about gaming then you should definitely look to upgrade, especially because it’s one of the more inexpensive items you’ll find in your laptop.

Corsair Vengeance Desktop Ram Memory

Finding the Fastest RAM

For RAM bigger is better. The more space available then the better your system can function. Generally for gaming you won’t need more than 4-8Gb but you should consider the frequency too. Frequency of RAM is measured in MHz, something you’ve probably seen before. There are two common rates of 1333 or 1600 but modern advancements have seen figures up to 3000MHz.

MHz is important, but not to the level it might seem. For gamers you’ll be able to cope with just 1600MHz and most of the time a higher MHz means a much higher price tag so save yourself some money.

Another thing to look out for on the packaging is DDR3 or DDR4. For a long time DDR3 has been the norm but a recent update of DDR4 is now used in some RAM. DDR4 works a lot better but again can cost quite a lot more money. If you can afford it then great, if not it isn’t the end of the world.

RAM is one of the cheaper elements that you can upgrade to have a much better gaming experience. If you go for the extreme top of the line specs then it can cost a lot so unless you have a big budget it won’t make too much difference if you settle for less.

Best Gaming RAM 2017

There are a lot of technical specifications when it comes to RAM and finding the best one can be difficult. Check out the complete list of the best gaming RAM at this review site.

Black Ops 3 Maps Guides Online

Black Ops 3 Maps Guides Online

CoD is one of the must own games for any console. They’ve got a lot of different titles in the series ranging from WW2 based games to futuristic storylines. Each game has it’s own niche and comes with a range of features to make it interesting and unique.

The Black Ops series are where Treyarch (the CoD creators) get to play. These games are the most creative with the fewest rules. They use alternate timelines and advanced weaponry to combine the best of sci fi with impressive gameplay. The result is a great combination of realistic game mechanics and out of this world environments.

Black Ops 3 is the latest in the series and comes with everything you’d expect and more. It’s designed for solo player and multiplayer so your mates can get involved. It’s also go the zombie game mode where you can empty the clip into the undead.

Black Ops 3 is the most advanced CoD game to date. There are a number of new features and details to enhance the user experience including guns and new characters. Perhaps the most important feature for first person shooters is the environment you get to play in, the maps.

Black Ops 3 Maps

Aquarium map layoutMaps are simply the arenas you get to play in. These are the worlds that have been created for you to explore, hide and ultimately shoot one another in. Each comes with it’s own theme but all of them have been built for maximum enjoyment and fun.

To master each map you’ll need to develop your own strategy. The attributes of the world you’re in could go against you unless you’ve learned to embrace the change. Having a variety of maps to choose from is important to stop the game getting stale. Once you’ve tried them all out you’ll be able to pick your favourite.

There are currently 13 different multiplayer maps available. They all differ in size and setting and provide a unique environment to play in. The maps available at the moment include Aquarium, Hunted and Nuk3town, each of which has very different characteristics.

Treyarch are planning regular releases of new maps that can be purchased and downloaded. This will prevent anyone from getting bored of the multiplayer games and allow you to keep experiencing new worlds.

To truly master Black Ops 3 you’ll need to know the way to dominate each map. Check out the full Black Ops 3 maps guide.

What is the Lilith Experience?


The newly founded UK studio Lilith Ltd creates Allison Road, a first-person survival horror game currently in development.


Lilith Ltd was founded in London, England in 2015 to bring a few highly passionate individuals, who are living in all corners of the globe, under one umbrella. We are currently working on our first PC title, a first person survival horror game titled ‘Allison Road’.